Complaint Management System

International Ombuds Expo 2019

The first-ever International Ombud Expo is scheduled to hold in Sheraton Abuja, Nigeria from 28 – 31 October, 2019.

As Chief Host and on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, I will like to extend my personal invitation to you and your organisation to participate and exhibit in this epoch-making event.

The International Ombud Expo 2019 will offer an unparalleled platform to share experiences, network, and build capacity.  Highlights of this event include:

v First-time gathering of all ombud-types, complaints handlers, grievance offices and similar institutions in one location to showcase critical performance factors;

v Exhibition of the work of over 500 different ombud offices from around the world;

v Unprecedented insight into how these institutions execute their roles and make a difference in governments and organisations across the globe;


v One-on-one interaction and sharing of experiences with ombud leaders and diverse functionaries;


v Participation in workshops and expert discussions on topical issues;


v Meeting with wide ranging organisations which service and facilitate the role of ombud offices in different parts of the world; and


v First-hand insight for policy makers, corporate leaders and organisation managers on role of ombud and grievance handling in tackling wide-ranging governance problems, managing conflicts, and boosting performance and productivity of governments and organisations.


In all, we envisage over 2,500 exhibitors and participants from across the world.


For details on how to register and participate, please visit:  Alternatively, you can email the IOE 2019 Secretariat in London, United Kingdom at: or Telephone on: +44 (0) 20 7403 6070/6199.


It is our strong hope that you are able to participate and look forward to welcoming you to Abuja in October.


Please accept the assurance of my highest regards.